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Gaining international acclaim, Hisense South Africa Appliance Industrial Park Project is Selected by UNOSSC in South-South in Action Report!

26 April 2021

On 11 September, along the side-lines of UN Day for South-South cooperation, UNOSSC and CADFund have jointly launched the South-South in Action Report on “China-Africa Development Fund: Promoting the Sustainable Development of Africa through South-South Investment”, including the case of Hisense Appliance Industrial Park Project. UNOSSC and CADFund launched this important publication on today’s online event. Mr. Jia Shaoqian, President of Hisense Group, Ms. Xiaojun Grace Wang, Deputy Director of Programmes and Operations, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, Mr. Song Le, Chairman of CADFund and others attended.


The relationship between Hisense and Africa is extraordinary,” said Jia Shaoqian, President of Hisense Group. “In 1996, as our first big step towards global development, Hisense entered into the rainbow nation—South Africa. As the bridgehead of our operations in Africa, our products and technologies have steadily spread across the continent now for 25 years.”


Over the years, the world has witnessed the development of South-South cooperation in different forms, and this anniversary provides us with an opportunity to reflect on its history and achievements. The publication demonstrates the concrete activities and the socio-economic impacts through Hisense and other enterprises’ case studies, giving reference for more enterprises in developing countries.


In March 2013, Hisense Group and the China Africa Development Fund jointly signed an investment cooperation agreement to support the construction of the Hisense South Africa Appliance Industrial Park. President Xi of China and then-President Zuma of South Africa witnessed the signing. Benefiting from the framework and spirit of UNOSSC and the great efforts from the China Africa Development Fund and South Africa’s Government, Hisense has developed into a major player in South Africa, one step at a time. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, from a few employees to now nearly one thousand in our industrial park, from a single product category of TVs to now multiple categories including refrigerators and smartphones.


Hisense group picture

Today, the Hisense South Africa Appliance Industrial Park has not only become an important fulcrum of Hisense’s globalization strategy, but also exerts a far-reaching influence on the local manufacturing industry, social and economic development, and positive affirmation from the international community. By August 2020, the annual output of Hisense South Africa Appliance Industrial Park has grown to 1,000,000 TVs and 550,000 refrigerators. This not only promotes the sustainable development of local manufacturing, but also brings a large number of employment opportunities to South Africa. Hisense hires more than 800 local staff, accounting for 90% of the workforce, and indirectly creates more than 5,000 jobs for the local community.


Hisense factory workers

Hisense’s industry park actively promotes the overall growth of local manufacturing and interrelated industries. In addition, the company insists on using clean energy and reducing the consumption of conventional electricity at our industrial park. Hisense has been continuously bringing the latest technology and products to South Africa, and provide free educational resources to Africa through our Smart TVs. At the same time, Hisense has actively undertaken social responsibilities by donating products and providing assistance to many organizations. In early 2020, after the COVID-19 outbreak, Hisense has organized a series of donation activities offering large numbers of product and epidemic prevention supplies to hospitals and communities nationwide, generating high praise from the South African Department of Labour, Cape Town government and local media.


Hisense South Africa offices

Looking back, Hisense’s development is inseparable from South-South cooperation. As we look into the future, we believe more Chinese companies like Hisense will take root in Africa and provide technology, capital and solutions to the African continent, bringing better products, better lives and a more promising future.


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