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Hisense Officially Sponsored FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, President Jia Shaoqian Said:Adhere to “Certainty” in Uncertainty

21 October 2021

On Hisense Open Day, FIFA and Hisense, a global technology leader, joined forces to create a more immersive viewing experience for fans worldwide through technology and innovation. In April 2021, Hisense announced to be the official sponsor of the 2022 Qatar World Cup; FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “Technological innovation” is the key focus for FIFA and Hisense to join forces again, through Hisense’s leading-edge technology and eco-friendly products, we will jointly establish an immersive football viewing and product experience for global footballers. ”



President Jia Shaoqian Said:Adhere to "Certainty" in Uncertainty

Build Connections with Global Consumers through Sports IP


“In five years, Hisense’s globalization development is speedily expanding,” said Jia Shaoqian, President of Hisense Group Holding Co., Ltd.


Committed to sports marketing, Hisense establishes emotional connections with global consumers through sports and premier sporting events. Since 2016, from sponsoring the UEFA EURO 2016 to the FIFA World Cup, Hisense has become the enterprise to sponsor world-class events consecutively.


In 2021 Q1-Q3, Hisense Group achieved revenue of 125.24 billion RMB, which is close to the annual revenue of 2019; overseas revenue reached 52.6 billion RMB in Q1-Q3, representing 38% YOY growth and accounting for 42% of total revenue.




Hisense Officially Sponsored FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, President Jia Shaoqian Said:Adhere to "Certainty" in Uncertainty

Customer-focus and Technology Innovation are Keys to Global success


In the process of business upgrading and expanding, it takes years of effort for a corporate to be successful and stabilized. “From the establishment of Hisense till present, Hisense Globalization has developed for three decades, through technological innovation, Hisense employee’s dedication and contribution worldwide, enabling the success of Hisense nowadays.” Jia Shaoqian said.


Jia Shaoqian said, “with years development, Hisense created an smart living environment for global consumers, fulfilling C-suite and B-suite business.”


In Hisense’s global R&D center, a phrase “The Ultimate Two Keys to Enterprise are Consumers and Technology”, meaning adherence to integrity, quality, and technology.” Hisense devotes to scientific and technological innovation, through technological qualified products, to fulfill consumers’ needs, and become a high-tech and trustworthy company.



Hisense Officially Sponsored FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, President Jia Shaoqian Said:Adhere to "Certainty" in Uncertainty

Till now, Hisense currently has 20 R&D centers and 29 production bases worldwide and has achieved localized R&D, production, and sales overseas.


At a time of rapid change and uncertainty, Hisense will continue to firmly adhere to the principles of Integrity, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Sustainability, Hisense continues to pursue growth in multimedia, household appliance, mobile communications, and information technology industries.



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